The Red Bead Supplies

Double Chain and Leather Bracelet Wrap

Sinfully Sinuous Bracelet

Materials List:

  • -1 Pewter Apple Blossom button (for closure)
  • -Greek Leather cord, 2 yards 1.5 mm rust color
  • -2.3mm nickel plated ball chain*, 6 feet
  • -C-Lon Beading Cord, 1 spool Chartreuse
  • -*You could also substitute 2.4 mm copper ball chain for the nickel plated chain.


    A fun and easy design that easily converts from a multi-strand wrap bracelet to an undulating single strand necklace with ease! Use your favorite colors of C-Lon and leather to personalize it to your tastes! It's a bit tedious in the beginning, but once you start wrapping the cord it is quick and easy!

    Cut the ball chain into two three foot lengths. Insert one end of the leather cord through the loop in the back of the button and bring the two ends together. Insert one end of the C-Lon beading cord through the loop as well, pulling about 8 inches through.( To make the wrapping job easier and more manageable you won't cut a length of C-lon, you will be working from the spool.) Tie an overhand knot with the leather and the C-Lon drawing it up close to the button loop. You can secure the short length of C-Lon with a drop of glue in the knot if you choose. Trim the end next to the knot.

    Wrap the long length of C-Lon around the two pieces of leather using a figure 8 over and under motion between the leather strands. (Wrap the cord over and around one piece, up between the two pieces, then over and around the other piece and back up through the middle. Repeat this motion six or more times).

    With the leather strands together, hold the ends of the ball chain pieces in the grooves that are formed between the strands. You are going to start wrapping the C-Lon around the leather and chain sections, placing each wrap between the balls of the chain.

    To begin, hold the ends of the ball chain where you finished your C-Lon figure 8 wrap. Start wrapping trying to keep an even tension. If it helps, you can secure the end of the leather and chain using a binder clip or clipboard clip in order to free up both hands to work. As you wrap, the bracelet will start forming a natural curl.

    Sinfully Sinuous Bracelet

    Continue wrapping until you reach the end of the ball chain segments or when you reach your desired length. You should still have several inches of leather beyond the ends of the chain. If not you will need to make an adjustment by unwrapping some of the chain and cutting it shorter.

    Wrap a couple times between the last balls in the chain then do another figure 8 wrap around the leather. While holding the leather and the cord together, tie another overhand knot at the end of the cord lashing. Secure the C-Lon with a drop of glue in the knot and trim it close.

    Tie another knot near the end of the leather leaving a space between the knots large enough for the button closure to slip through. Trim the excess leather. Wrap the bracelet as many times as will work around your wrist. I have a small wrist and I can make five tight wraps or four loose wraps with this length. Slip the button into the loop you formed between the knots to secure.