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Wavy Weave Bracelet Tutorial

Wavy Weave Bracelet Tutorial

Materials List (to make a 12-13" wrap):

  • 1 3/4" Basketweave button (for closure)
  • 24 Tierracast Wavy Disk beads (the picture shown uses 8 of each color)
  • 3 yards leather cord, .5mm to.8mm diameter (the example used approximately 2 yards of leather.)

    Begin by adding the button closure to the leather:
    Tie a knot in the center of the leather (use the same type 1/2 knot you use when starting to tie your shoes). Bring the ends of the leather together and string one of the wavy disks pulling it up close to the knot (the concave side of the disk will be against the knot, refer to photo). String the basketweave button in the same fashion. Using both strands of leather held together, tie an overhand knot pulling it snugly against the back of the button. This will hold the button and disk firmly in place.

    Add the wavy disks:
    Add the first wavy disk by first stringing it on only one strand of the leather, inserting the leather from the front. Pull the disk up close to the button. Take the other strand of leather and insert it through the same hole in the disk but this time stringing it from the back side of the disk. To get it started you might need to hold the first strand of leather snugly against the edge of the hole to make room for the end of the second strand. Take the slack out of the leather while holding the disk flat. Be careful to not pull so tight as to break the leather. Holding the two strands of leather together, tie an overhand knot on the opposite side of the disk from the first knot. Refer to the photo enlargement for knot placement.

    Continue adding wavy disks in this manner until you reach the end of your desired length. Tie a final knot after the last disk. You should have a length of leather leftover to make a loop. Knot the loop in order to leave it just large enough to slip over the button and secure it on your wrist. Trim the excess leather. If you do not have enough leather left to make a loop as shown in the example simply tie another knot approximately 3/4" from your last knot and trim the excess leather. You want the distance between the knots to create a loop that will snugly fit over the button.

    If you want to make a wrap bracelet as shown, it is a good idea to use more leather than you think you might need the first time. The length can vary depending on how snugly you tie your knots or if you've left any space between the knots and the disks. As a reference, I made a single strand bracelet with just one yard of leather, making sure all knots were tight and leaving no spaces, but the resulting bracelet was only large enough for a 5 to 5 1/2 inch wrist and left very little leather to trim. Luckily I have a small wrist!

    Variations you might want to try: Tie two knots between disks, or try alternating the flat disks as shown, with disks that stand upright (put both strands of the leather through the disk in the same direction, tying a knot on either side). Of course you can also add other beads, etc., but be sure the holes are large enough to accomodate two strands of leather.

    If you come up with your own variation we would love to hear about it!